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You’ve come to the right place. I write about financial strategies to help you optimize specific areas of your financial picture and move one step closer to millionaire status.

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Who is The Millennial Money Woman?

fiona smith aka the millennial money woman

Fiona Smith is the founder of The Millennial Money Woman. She holds her Master of Science Degree in Personal Financial Planning and has co-founded a local non-profit community teaching financial literacy. She is the author of the personal finance book How to Get Rich from Nothing and her work is featured on Forbes, Oberlo, and FinCon.

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About The Millennial Money Woman

Hey there!

My name is Fiona, and some of you might know me as The Millennial Money Woman. 

Here are some categories that I love writing about:

You could consider me a personal finance ninja and passionate money nerd whose mission is to join you on your journey toward financial freedom

The crazy thing? 

I haven’t always been a money nerd. 

My interest in personal finance started when I witnessed my grandparents lose their small nest egg (including their home) just before retirement. 

They lost everything because they didn’t have someone in their lives to guide them through their finances. 

And it’s not like my grandparents didn’t work hard. They worked every day of their lives to run and operate a small family business, but sadly they wouldn’t even have a single penny to showcase decades’ worth of hard work.

That event changed everything.

It was then that my passion for finance began to bud in my heart, soul, and mind.

I soon had a so-called epiphany and realized that if you become the expert on your money, you could flip the script and build wealth that could last for generations. 

That’s when I started my financial career, earning my Master of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning, working in corporate finance and investment management for 5+ years, strategically implementing financial plans for clients worth more than $50+ million, and co-founding a small and local non-profit for young professionals to learn financial literacy.

There is one topic that I hear the most when helping young professionals understand personal finance:

“I wish I had learned more about personal finance in school.”

And to be honest, I also don’t know why my school didn’t teach me more about finance. 

Did yours? 

I realized that if others felt this way, then there were surely plenty of additional millennials who were eager to learn more about personal finance pronto. 

And that’s when the gears started turning and I came up with the idea to build out a website to help young professionals better understand the ins and outs of personal finance. 


It took me about 4 years to actually start and build my website!

Talk about procrastination!

What was the turning point? 


I had friends and close family members lose their jobs, lose their savings and lose their retirement nest egg during the pandemic. 

I knew that it was time for me to finally put into action the idea that I had so long ago: Building a website to benefit others financially

When I realized how much people needed – and appreciated – financial literacy, I knew that I had found my life’s purpose and passion. 

It was time to start something big. 

And with that long (hopefully not boring) story, welcome to The MMW community!

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