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Become an Authority on 𝕏 and Turn Your Engagement into Cash

Discover the exact methods I used to gain 265,000+ followers and $100,000s in income from 𝕏.


Aaron Will

271k X Followers


"I’ve followed Fiona since I first started X. Never have I once seen her post something that isn’t valuable. She legit consistently posts actionable financial value on the timeline on the daily."


Tyler Todt

195k X Followers


"If I could only follow a few people on social media Fiona would be on that list. She drops knowledge everyday on the timeline & helps so many."


Clint Murphy

363k X Followers


"I’ve followed Fiona for years now and am always impressed by what she posts. Every single day she posts actionable financial value on the timeline."

Cori Arnold

Cori Arnold

195k X Followers


"Fiona has an abundance of financial knowledge, having first-hand experience working with the wealthy. Her content is specific and actionable, providing her audience with huge value."

Does it feel like your follower count has “hit a wall?”

I used to feel the same way.

Until I started using the Viral Sniper Matrix.

In fact, this method has proven to be the most effective and most powerful collection of techniques I’ve used.

I know other people claim that too…

But here are the facts:

Within 6 months of using this method…

I went from gaining 105 followers per month…

To over 8,830 loyal followers PER MONTH.

the millennial money woman monthly twitter followers gained analytics

The best part?

Not only did I gain thousands of engaged followers

(Including celebrities like John Cena)…

But I also got:

  • 28,900+ email subscribers
  • 10M+ impressions per month
  • Featured on major platforms like Forbes
  • $100,000s in income from product sales
  • 2 book deals with world-renowned publishers

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself:


The real question is:

Do you want to go from “feeling invisible” to growing and monetizing your X audience?


X Mastery

Discover the exact methods I used to gain 265,000+ engaged followers and $100,000s in income on X

X Mastery Course

My new course, X Mastery, is the result of 4 years of expertise, proven methods, and actionable strategies.

It includes all the training and resources you need to become an authority on X and turn your engagement into cash.

If you’re looking for the complete roadmap to growing and monetizing your X audience, this is it.


Wolf Financial

293k X Followers


"I’ve been following Fiona for a couple years now. I've never seen her post anything that isn't valuable, and I've learned a lot from her content. She consistently provides actionable financial insights on a daily basis."


Alex Mathers

113k X Followers


"Fiona is a rare breed of person who not only helped me grow my business with her insights, but she also continually motivates me to lean into my fears too."


Lauren Joseph

137k X Followers


"Since the early days Fiona has continued to impress me with her content. I can say she is a rare one everyone needs to take note and pay attention for years to come."


Brian Feroldi

537k X Followers


"Fiona’s content is both useful and understandable, which is a rare combination. Follow her if you want to level up."

What will you learn inside?

1. Picking the right niche

• Follow my simple step-by-step guide to picking your profitable niche
• Discover the secret to attracting people that want to follow you and buy from you (even if you don’t have a product or service)

2. Creating content that stands out

• Easily craft hundreds of engaging post ideas in under 15 minutes
• Uncover effective methods for using X content to grow on other platforms
• Find out how to write viral posts and how to capitalize on posts that go viral
• Discover how to write posts that not only engages your audience… but also rewires X’s algorithm in your favor

3. Converting followers into leads

• Uncover 2 incredible techniques that will fill your inbox up with high-quality leads
• Discover powerful profile optimization strategies that will help you capture more valuable leads (on autopilot)

4. Monetizing your X audience

• Uncover 5 powerful techniques to earn passive income through X
• Discover how to 10x your sales (without hurting your reputation or sounding “salesy”)


You'll Also Receive These 4 Exclusive Bonuses

X Mastery Map: Easily Chart Your Path to X Success with This Complete Checklist

This isn't just a bonus. It's a strategic blueprint designed for those aspiring to be the best. Imagine having a crystal-clear, step-by-step guide that not only simplifies your journey on X but accelerates it. This checklist cuts through the fluff and confusion, laying out a direct route to your success. It's about working smarter, not harder; and saving time while maximizing impact.

Post Perfector: Customizable Templates for Every Post

This exclusive bonus is your golden ticket to dominating on X. Imagine effortlessly creating posts that not only grab attention but practically demand engagement, all while slashing your content creation time in half. These aren't just templates; they're your secret weapon for cutting through the clutter, connecting with your audience on a deeper level, and positioning yourself as the undeniable authority in your space.

Social Surge Spreadsheet: Fast Track Your X Growth with This Ultimate Planner

This isn’t just a tool. It’s a meticulously designed planner for exponential growth. It's about precision, efficiency, and strategy. Every entry, every column, and every row in this spreadsheet is engineered to convert your efforts into tangible results.

Newsletter Launchpad: The Ultimate Blueprint for Starting Your Email Empire

This is no ordinary bonus. It's the master key to unlocking the vault of email marketing success. Picture a blueprint so precise, and so detailed, that it removes all guesswork. This is about crafting an email empire that turns average readers into loyal followers and returning customers.

X Mastery

$ 99
  • 8 in-depth chapters
  • 43 unique lessons
  • Bonus 1: X Mastery Map
  • Bonus 2: Social Surge Spreadsheet
  • Bonus 3: Post Perfector
  • Bonus 4: Newsletter Launchpad
  • Lifetime access
  • Continuous updates
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

In 14 days, if you wouldn’t jump into shark-infested waters to get my product back, I’ll immediately return every dollar you paid.


Any person or business that wants to grow their audience, gain authority in their niche, and earn income on X.

My name is Fiona Smith, aka The Millennial Money Woman. I’m a former wealth advisor who grew my audience to over 265,000 followers and generated $100,000s in income all through X.

You don’t have to listen to me, but if you want to build an engaged audience and turn your engagement into cash, then I’ll show you the way.

This course is the result of 4 years of expertise, proven methods, and actionable strategies.

The same methods have gained me over 265,000 engaged followers and $100,000s in income.

You’ll discover all my methods for growing and monetizing your audience on X.

It’s the same methods I used to gain over 265,000 followers, get featured in major publications like Forbes, and have world-renowned book publishers ask me to write books for them.

The methods inside this course will work for you, regardless if you are new to X, or someone with years of experience.

I spent over 120+ hours working on this course to provide you with the best resources so you have everything you need to succeed.

It’s not some document that you read once and forget about. It’s full of actionable strategies, and it’s designed to be used every day and revisited regularly.

It depends on how active you are on X. If you apply the methods, expect to see noticeable results in 30 to 60 days, and you can change your life in 6 to 12 months.

All the methods provided in the course are proven to work in every niche, and it gets better, these methods are little known, so they will make you stand out from the crowd.

The best part? These methods are evergreen, which means they will be effective no matter what the algorithm changes to.

If you think this course sounds too good to be true, then give it a try, and let me know how quickly it works for you.

Unlike other courses that teach you how to get low-quality followers (aka people who will never engage with you or buy anything from you)…

This course only provides the most valuable methods so you can gain engaged followers, become an authority in your niche, and earn income from X.

As always, you’re protected by my generous 14-day money-back guarantee.

Yes. You can access this course for as long as you would like with no extra payment.

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