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How to Make Your First Dollar Online, Scale to 6-Figures, and Multiply Your Wealth With My "3 Pillar Wealth System"

This System Works Even if You Have No Experience, No Money, and Little Time


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What’s Stopping You From Making More Money?

It’s a problem.

The school system failed.

It molds you into the workforce…

And turns you into an employee.

Part of the rat race trap.

The trap that says this is “normal:”

  • Borrowing $223,000 for a worthless degree
  • Working 9 to 5 for 45 years, earning $47k/year
  • Struggling to pay bills, getting stressed & burned out
  • Buying a small house with a massive $348,000 mortgage
  • Working until you’re 70 to pay off your debt, too exhausted to enjoy LIFE

And that’s if you’re lucky

The way things are going today (inflation, stagnant wages, etc.), you might have to work until you die.

Depressing, right?

But there’s another way…

A little known, yet powerful system...

A system that can help you:

  1. Make your first dollar online
  2. Scale to 6-figures
  3. Multiply you wealth

What’s the secret?

I’ll tell you in just a minute…

And I promise it’s different than anything you’ve heard or tried.

No - it's not skipping Starbucks, starting a side hustle, or ape-ing into the next supposed crypto moonshot.

You see…

A lot of finance gurus are repeating the same advice from books published 30+ years ago…

And it’s DEAD WRONG.

How can you tell?


Don’t you wish there was an easier way?

A way that skips the BS…

And gives you a step-by-step system that actually works?

The Ultimate Wealth Creation System

Unlike other financial programs which repeat the same outdated strategies…

And leave you more confused than when you started…

My system simplifies the process.

It’s a collection of secret methods I’ve gathered over the last 7 years…

And compiled into a clear step-by-step system.

My system will show you how to:

  • Learn a high-income skill quickly & easily
  • Scale your income to 6-figures from your laptop
  • Invest your profits so you can multiply your wealth

Now, I know you might be skeptical.

I’d be too.

But I’ve used this exact system to escape my 9 to 5 and build an online business that pays me 6 figures per year.

The best part?

This system can work for anyone:

Golden Wealth System

Even if you have no experience, no money, and little time.

As long as you can follow some simple instructions…

I’ll guide you every step of the way.


Fiona Smith

fiona smith aka the millennial money woman

I confess.

I haven’t always been a money nerd.

It all started when I saw my grandparents lose everything right before retirement.

They lost everything because they didn’t have someone to help them with their finances.

And instead of being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor?

Everything was taken from them. Not a single penny to show for decades of backbreaking work.

Witnessing this changed everything.

It was then that my passion for finance began to grow in my heart, soul, and mind.

I realized that if you learn about finance…

You can flip the script and create wealth that could last for generations.

So I started studying, got a job in finance, and became a wealth advisor.

Then I spent 7 years in wealth management, where I:

  • Advised 453 Millionaires
  • Helped manage over $600M
  • Worked with clients worth up to $100M

And during this time, I realized these millionaires all had something in common…

None of them got rich by working a 9 to 5.

So I decided to start my own business and I used my financial knowledge to build an audience and sell my digital products.

Money started coming in fast and that’s when I decided to quit my corporate job and work on business full time.

3 years later, I’ve:

  • Created an online business that earns 6-figures per year
  • Built my audience to over 250,000 followers
  • Grew my net worth to over 7-figures

And I’ve been featured in:

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Now I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.



Do you want to make enough money to support your family?

Then you need to get with the times because things are moving fast.

If you're stuck in the old way of doing things then you will be left behind.

Instead, you need to:

  • Learn skills that school can’t teach you
  • Make money that’s not capped by a fixed salary
  • Invest your profits and turn it into long-term wealth

And that’s exactly what you will find inside Wealth Suite.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Learn a high-income skill quickly & easily
  • Scale your income to 6-figures from your laptop
  • Invest your profits so you can multiply your wealth

And you’ll find out how to do this with my “3 Pillar Wealth System:”

The "3 Pillar Wealth System"

Pillar 1:

Learn a High-Income Skill

You’ll discover high-income skills that you can learn quickly and easily.


Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Content Creation

Business and Copywriting Content

Pillar 2:

Scale to 6-Figures

You’ll find out exactly how to earn your first dollar online and scale your income to 6-figures.



Social Media

Client Acquisition

Income Transactions

Pillar 3:

Multiply Your Wealth

As you create more income, you’ll discover how to multiply it with proven investment strategies.

Investing strategies are tailored to your risk tolerance and time horizon.



Investment Portfolio Growth

You Will Get Instant Access to

Our Private Discord Community

You’ll receive an invitation to our private group chat on Discord where you’ll meet new friends, get answers to your questions, and much more.

Our private community is full of like-minded, supportive members all on the wealth creation journey.

Instant Invitation

Private Discord Server

Supportive Environment

Wealth Suite Discord Server
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Step-by-Step Programs

You’ll get instant access to courses, recordings, and guides that will show you how to start creating wealth quickly and easily.

Easy-to-Follow Programs

101+ Guides and Recordings

Learn High-Income Skills Fast

Live Coaching Sessions

You’ll get live group coaching sessions every week covering everything from copywriting to millionaire investment strategies.

Millionaire Mentors to Guide You

Clear & Straightforward Advice

Answers to Your Questions

WS LP Events


You'll Also Receive These 6 Awesome Bonuses


10K/Month Blueprint

Maximize your earnings with high-income skills: Your guide to achieving $10K/month online.




Wealth Elevator System

The Wealth Elevator System is designed to take you from ZERO to millionaire (the legit way).




Budget Spreadsheet

This budget spreadsheet will help you track where your money is coming from, and where it is going.




Time Mastery Planner

Maximize every moment with the Time Mastery Planner - Your key to efficient, balanced living.




Wealth Building Checklist

Boost your finances with the Wealth Building Checklist – Smart, Simple Wealth Building.




Net Worth Template

This net worth template will help you figure out how much you own/owe.



You Have 2 Choices...

You can keep doing the same things…

Like waiting for something or someone to save you…

But, you might find yourself:

  • Never making enough money to enjoy life
  • Waking up every day wishing there was more
  • Working a job you hate for the rest of your life

Or, you could simply join Wealth Suite.

And in 30 days from now, you could be on track to make more money than you ever thought possible.

Because you will have clarity and confidence from a system that actually works.

The best part?

You’ll have experts to guide you.

And give you the exact information you need so you don’t waste time.

You won’t have to do it alone or figure it out yourself.

I’ll guide you through the entire process.

Stop waiting for the “right” time.

Start now.

Monthly Plan

$ 25 Per Month
  • Weekly live calls
  • Private group chat
  • 3 high-income skills
  • Millionaire mentorship
  • Zero risk 7-day free trial
  • 7 wealth multiplier methods
  • 6 exclusive bonuses (worth $1,286)
  • 101+ guides, courses, and recordings
  • All of this for only $0.80 per day

Yearly Plan

$ 249 Per Year
  • Weekly live calls
  • Private group chat
  • 3 high-income skills
  • Millionaire mentorship
  • Zero risk 7-day free trial
  • 7 wealth multiplier methods
  • 6 exclusive bonuses (worth $1,286)
  • 101+ guides, courses, and recordings
  • All this for LESS than a Netflix subscription
2 months free
7 Day Free Trial

Zero Risk 7-Day Free Trial

I’m so confident Wealth Suite has the power to change your life.

That’s why I’m offering you a 100% risk-free 7-day trial with full access to all features.

This means you have zero cost, zero obligation, and zero risk.

If you’re not feeling PUMPED about your results, all you need to do is cancel your free trial.

So what are you waiting for? Act NOW.

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Joining Wealth Suite is fast and easy.

All you have to do is:

  1. Click the “Join Now” button
  2. Choose the “monthly plan” or “yearly plan”
  3. Complete the checkout process
  4. You’ll receive an email with your login details and an invitation to our Discord server

See you inside!

Wealth Suite is a private community full of like-minded individuals on the wealth creation journey.

When you join Wealth Suite, you’ll get instant access to our Wealth Suite Portal on the Teachable platform (which has 97+ guides, recordings, tutorials, etc.), and an invite to our private group server on Discord where you can meet new friends, get support, answers to your questions, and much more.

If you want to learn how to:

  • Earn a 6-figure income from your laptop
  • Grow your business using the latest techniques
  • Invest your profits so you can multiply your wealth

Then Wealth Suite is for you.

The best part?

You get all of this for LESS than the cost of a Netflix subscription!

All it takes is 20 minutes minimum per day to listen to your mentor and apply what you’ve learned.

If you think this may be too good to be true, then give it a try and let me know how quickly it works for you.

If you don’t like Wealth Suite, you can simply cancel your subscription at any time.

YES! Wealth Suite works in every country because it is 100% online.

YES! The strategies taught in Wealth Suite work in any country.

Note: There are some tax and investment strategies that only work in the US.