How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost?

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How much does a French Bulldog cost? Find everything you need to know about the costs and the pros vs. the cons firsthand from a Frenchie owner.

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To all those French Bulldog lovers out there: I thought today might be a good day to share my journey with you as a very proud French Bulldog owner. 

For those of you who have not yet had the chance to read the blog’s “about” page, then let me tell you that I love my Frenchie. 

He’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 

I really didn’t even know about French Bulldogs before this little fellow met me. 

That’s right: he picked me – not the other way around. 

Let’s just say this: my Frenchie was not planned (and I plan every aspect of my life). 

He just simply appeared in my life and now I’ve had him going on two years. 

When I was first introduced to my future French Bulldog, he played with my hair and then – wait for it – he grunted like a pig and looked up at me with his big, button-like, brown eyes!

I fell in love with that dog instantaneously. 

He has such a personality – food is his only motivation, he farts all the time, he burps too, and he sits just like a human baby! 

My husband fell in love with my French Bulldog as well. In fact, I joke with my husband that he loves our little Frenchie more than he loves me!

Well, now that you have the down and dirty about my Frenchie, let me tell you a little about the costs of owning a French Bulldog:

happy french bulldog puppy

French Bulldog Initial Cost

I know that a lot of people shy away from buying a French Bulldog due to the initial cost. 

And honestly, if you’re worried about the initial cost… that’s the LAST thing that should be on your list of concerns. 

I say this in the nicest way, because the initial cost of purchasing a French Bulldog may not be near anywhere to what the continuing costs of maintaining that Frenchie could cost you. 

Think about it: vet visits will likely be a burden at times – especially during emergencies. 

Pet sitter costs could rack you up a nice bill. The food bill could cost you a pretty penny too, depending on the type and quality of food you purchase for your French Bulldog. 

My Frenchie has pretty bad skin allergies, so I buy him food with salmon bits. 

The vet recommended I do this to reduce my puppy’s skin irritation – and it worked!

If a French Bulldog is your first pet, don’t forget that we are not just looking at the initial purchase costs, but also: the initial vaccination costs, purchasing the bare initial necessities for your Frenchie, such as a crate, a dog bed, a few toys, etc.

Pro Tip: If you can avoid it – don’t finance a French Bulldog. 

Even if you are 100% set on purchasing that Frenchie, I would highly, highly suggest avoiding financing. 

The interest rate – from what I have seen in the past – can range up to 5%. 

I know that if you are set on finding your future furry friend, it can be difficult to avoid the urge to just go with the easy option: financing. 

Resist it.

If you don’t have the money to pay for a French Bulldog, then it probably doesn’t make sense to go into debt. 

french bulldog lying down

Where can I get a French Bulldog?

So let’s say you are set on finding a Frenchie that is possibly out of your price range. 

And you have decided to go against financing one (yay you!). 

There’s a simple answer to this: there are alternative ways to finding a Frenchie in a cost-efficient manner. 

Be warned: these alternative ways may or may not yield results, because to be honest, finding Frenchies for sale or adoption on pages other than a breeder’s page or a pet shop may be either rare or shady (or both). 

Just be cautious as you move forward with your pursuit of French Bulldog happiness.

#1: Humane Society


The first place to find a French Bulldog at a lower cost would be the Humane Society

If you are not familiar with the Humane Society, I recommend you check out their website. 

Long story short, this is a national organization that helps place animals with loving families. 

In part, it’s an adoption agency – but also helps foster the safety of wild and other animals through donations.

The fees for adopting animals on the Humane Society, as expected, vary. 

We are talking anywhere from $25 or less to $500 or more. It depends on the size and type of the animal and how long this animal has been with the Humane Society. 

The likelihood that a Frenchie can be found on the Humane Society’s website is probably rare – but it’s worth researching. And perhaps you may find another furry friend.

Even if the Humane Society does not have a French Bulldog readily available for your adoption needs, this is a fantastic resource to contact if you are looking for other, suitable adoption agency recommendations. 

This would be my first stop if I ever look to adopt.

#2: ASPCA / local adoption agencies


Local adoption agencies are a fantastic way to help out your local community and of course, give a second chance to animals.

From my experience, the ASPCA, also known as: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is another national organization that can help you find local animal adoption agencies.

Prices vary, but typically you will find that the pricing for animals at adoption agencies will be significantly less than what you will find at a breeder or pet shop.

#3: Online ADs through social media


Lastly, and likely my least favorite recommendation of the three listed above, is simply going to some of your social media platforms and looking through the online advertisements listing French Bulldogs that are up for adoption or sale.

The reason why I am not a big fan of this type of adoption referral system is simply that you may likely not know the seller of the French Bulldog.

You may not even know if this is a legit individual offering to put his / her Frenchie up for adoption. 

I would be wary and cautious, but this is another method for finding a future furry friend. 

french bulldog maintenance cost

French Bulldog Maintenance Cost


The cost of maintaining a Frenchie is what really can get to you.

What I mean by this is make sure you do your research before adopting or purchasing a French Bulldog. 

Make sure you understand how much care and attention your Frenchie may need from you. 

For example, French Bulldogs are a breed that is much more care intensive than other breeds. 

Frenchies often require special foods (in other words, costlier foods) Because French Bulldogs are more prone to allergies. 

Frenchies also require attention (dog sitting) or training, which means you would likely have to spend more money on dog trainers to keep your Frenchie fit and in shape. You catch my drift.

Some examples of the cost of maintenance of a French Bulldog are below:

1#: Pet Sitters


Let me tell you something: pet sitters cost A LOT of money. 

And I don’t blame them – they do a fantastic job (assuming you’ve done your research on them before and are comfortable leaving your loved Frenchie with a dog sitter). 

However, if you spend a vacation or if you are traveling to non-pet-friendly places every few months, then those pet sitter bills certainly can rack up. 

Pet sitters are not inexpensive – especially if you want to ensure that your French Bulldog is well taken care of when you are gone. 

One pet sitter application that I have used in the past is known as Rover

You can find local pet sitters for a relatively good price. 

They send you pictures and updates of your Frenchie and send you text messages to keep you in the loop. 

I’ve only had good experiences with Rover.

#2: Food


I think this speaks for itself. Food is likely going to be one of the most expensive things on the list throughout the Frenchie’s lifetime. 

And even more, I truly believe that if you want to keep your buddy around for longer, it probably comes down – in part – to the quality of food you provide your Frenchie.

The higher quality of food, the more cost to you. 

But, this higher quality food will also likely help keep your French Bulldog healthier for longer.

#3: Toys


Of course, you want to make sure your French Bulldog is happy and has some mental stimulation while you are at work. 

However, let me tell you, toys can cost you a pretty penny if you total the number of toys you purchase your Frenchie over the years. 

It also depends on how fast your French Bulldog goes through these toys.

My French Bulldog probably chews through one to two toys every month. 

He loves the stuffed animal toys, but those last him probably only a week! 

And they aren’t cheap either; they cost about $10 to $20 a toy!

Can you tell that I spend more money on my Frenchie than on myself?

Has that happened to anyone else?

#4: Vet visits


Like any responsible French Bulldog owner, vet visits are extremely important to maintain your Frenchie’s health status. 

These vet visits though can also add up in cost – don’t underestimate the cost of your French Bulldog’s health.

For my Frenchie, I spend roughly $200 – $300 every 6 months ($600 per year on average) on vet visits.

I factored the vet visits into the budget, but it certainly can add up over my little guy’s lifetime. 

That’s OK with me though, because this is what I expected – and frankly, I want to make sure my Frenchie is healthy and happy.

#5: Misc.


I had to include a Miscellaneous option. 

For those French Bulldog owners who have mischievous and rambunctious Frenchies, please read on. 

Let’s talk about some of the costs that Frenchies incur. 

These could include shredding blazers, shredding underwear, shredding socks, furniture, etc. 

Yes, this has happened to me. Although I can laugh about these occurrences now. 

I was not particularly thrilled when I see my underwear go missing probably once every week or a pair of my socks. 

(It’s even worse when it’s just one sock – what do I even do with the other sock?)

One time, I came home from work and hung my very expensive blazer on the back of a chair. 

I had to take the garbage out and within those few seconds, my mischievous Frenchie managed to jump on the chair, rip the blazer from the back of the chair and happily start chewing into my favorite piece of work clothing. That’s right. 

Moral of the story: is to budget for some unexpected expenses, such as clothing going missing or being destroyed by your favorite French Bulldog. 

It happens. 

french bulldog running

French Bulldog Pros and Cons

Do I regret getting my Frenchie? Absolutely not.

He is the dog love of my life. 

My Frenchie just makes my day so much better (and sometimes a little frustrating, I’ll admit). 

And even though part of my budget does go to fulfill his needs – I am ready and willing to make this trade-off. 

I’ve come to understand that although saving is my #2 priority (after my husband, who is my #1), having some sort of happiness in my life (my Frenchie) is so important, and improves my work productivity substantially. 

And that ultimately means more money in my pocket.

So do the pros outweigh the cons for me? 


Below is a list for those of you are still contemplating purchasing and / or adopting a French Bulldog: 

Pros Cons
Potentially increase your safety
Increased responsibility
Love and affection
Possible allergies
Your best friend
High maintenance
No more loneliness
Increased cost
Reduction of stress
You're the designated pooper scooper!
Form new friendships with fellow dog owners
Rearrange your schedule to accommodate your Frenchie
Potentially save a Frenchie’s life if adopting
Broken heart once your Frenchie passes away
french bulldog lying next to a camera

How much did my French Bulldog Cost?

Ultimately, my French Bulldog is basically our baby. 

We cuddle him, we love him, we do everything with him. 

He does some things that are oddly similar to a human baby – and he sometimes acts like one too. 

(For example, when he doesn’t get his way he begins to pout!). 

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. 

How much does a French Bulldog cost?


Keep in mind, my Frenchie is only 2 years old, so we can expect likely 8 to 10 more years of these expenses plus possible emergency expenses.

Below is my break-down (so far):

Category Initial Cost
French Bulldog purchase
Initial toys / crates / dog bowls / etc.
Initial Frenchie training fee
Initial vet visits / vaccines / etc.
Category Recurring Cost

Food – recurring expense

$100 X 6 months = $600/year

Vet – recurring expense


Pet Sitter – recurring expense


Toys – recurring expense


Shredded Underwear / Shredded Socks / etc. – recurring expense


Other pet supplies (shampoo, doggie bags, etc.) - recurring expense


Total Annual Recurring Costs


I would probably add a section for emergency expenses. 

You never know if your pet breaks a bone or becomes very sick that would require multiple (or long) vet visits or worse, stays. 

If this is the unfortunate case, then you’ll likely be looking at a few thousand dollars in vet expenses. 

Yes, there is pet health insurance, but that is a topic for a different time.

For those of you who are wondering: My Frenchie does NOT have pet health insurance. 

Closing Thoughts

In the end, whether you are looking to adopt or purchase a French Bulldog to bring into your life, just make sure your finances agree with your heart.

It’s important to not only be able to provide for your new furry friend but to also ensure your savings routine and monthly/annual budget continues to follow what you had previously implemented. 

I would caution you to triple think this decision through before you commit to purchasing or adopting a French Bulldog. 

Remember that the initial costs aren’t the worst of it. 

It’s the recurring annual costs that can put a dent into your long term budget goals – if you are not financially prepared and if you have not properly done your research.

But then again, can you put a price on Frenchie love?

That’s for you to determine – just make sure you realize the financial implications once you commit.

Think it through wisely. Your bank accounts will thank me later!

Have you considered the financial implications of purchasing a French Bulldog or did you follow your heart? Comment below!

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