5 Biggest Financial Turnoffs Men Find in Women [2022]

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5 Biggest Financial Turnoffs

An expensive lifestyle = wealth, right?

Not if you are in debt by thousands of dollars… and that’s one of the major financial turnoffs men find in women.

Most males and females are looking for something much more simple, a loving relationship, and someone who has their act together so that they can build a strong foundation for a future together.

credit card debt

1. High Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt
spiraling out of control? Accumulating more debt by the day? This is a huge financial turnoff. 

For those who do carry credit card debt, it is much more appealing to a guy who sees that you have a plan and a strategy in place to pay off the debt burden.

If you’re unable to keep the debt load under control and continue adding to the credit card balance, that’s a no-no. 

wealthy man

2. The “Prince Charming” Fantasy

Picture the following scenario: You’re talking to a girl and find out she’s carrying a $20,000+ debt load on her credit cards. 

When you ask her how she’s going to pay down that outstanding debt, she answers: “I’ll find my Prince one day and he’ll pay this off for me.” 

Realistic? I think not.

This is not only a risky move to assume that someone has a lot of money. 

But also it’s important to consider whether you can be happy with a partner just because they can help you out financially?

You can take control of your financial future – be it with a partner or without one.

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Low financial literacy 1

3. Low Financial Literacy

Don’t have a clue about investing or saving for retirement? 

It’s worth spending some time researching how to achieve financial freedom for your Golden Years. 

Even if it’s just the baseline knowledge to have a conversation about your retirement will be beneficial for not only you and your partner but also your future heirs.

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Financial Turnoffs

4. Your ATM = Your Parents

Ever met someone who’s dependent on their parents? 

Is that attractive to a guy? 

Here’s a response from one of our members:

“It is a huge turnoff when the girl is constantly relying on her parents for financial support. Not only does it look like she can’t manage life without her parents’ support, but also I’m thinking, what will happen when her parents either stop funding her lifestyle or run out of money?”

A strategy here to avoid using your parents as an ATM could be to slowly start weaning off of their monthly/annual support. 

This does not have to be a night-or-day type of transition. 

Good things come with time – and yes, it will be a good thing to become independent of your parents. 

Now it’s time for you to start and become your own woman. 

Your partner – guy or girl – AND your parents will automatically have so much more respect for you… and you will too.

5. Instant Gratification

Entrepreneur, instant gratification is: 

The desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment.” 

In English? That means you want it and you want it now – no buts or exceptions.

Fun Fact: Based on a very famous study conducted by a Stanford University professor in the 1970’s – also dubbed as the: “Marshmallow Experiment” Those who were patient and showed signs of delayed gratification.

As opposed to instant gratification, were much more likely to be successful in their personal and professional careers, down the road.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it:
In part, to be successful, you need to be patient. 

Sometimes it pays to wait for the good to come. 

(And that means, instead of buying that sexy BMW or Mercedes now, yes, you can wait and instead invest your money and let that grow).

What’s your biggest financial turnoff? Let me know in the comments below.

Fiona Smith
Fiona Smith
Fiona Smith is the founder of The Millennial Money Woman. She holds her Master of Science Degree in Personal Financial Planning, has advised decamillionaires for 6 years in the corporate wealth management sector and has co-founded a local non-profit community teaching financial literacy. She is the author of the personal finance book How to Get Rich from Nothing and her work is featured on Forbes and FinCon.

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  1. I’ve always been turned off by being overly concerned with brand names. Seeing a girl in a $500 pair of jeans leaves me with the opposite impression I think she might be going for.

    1. Completely agree. An expensive item like that could actually signal that they are not good at managing money or simply want to show off wealth… I’ve read through the Millionaire Next Door, and the majority of millionaires certainly do not aim to show off their wealth in ways like that. Thanks for sharing Jason!

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